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The New Face of Urban Christian Outreach



The Apology tour is a collective of faith-based organizations moving together in a united effort to engage the community (in an apologetical way) where our church buildings are located. This tour is intended to tear down any walls of division, othering, misunderstanding, and tension between the church and the community.

OBJECTIVE: What we know is that in every community there are several local houses of worship. We also know that with the shift in demographics, and the residual impact of the pandemic, there is a greater possibility of disconnect in the relationship between the community and the local ministry, house of worship, and vice versa. Our objective is simple, to revive and restore that precise disconnection. The state of the inner city is dire. The Apology Tour is a vehicle for the church and community to rebuild their relationship, resulting in them becoming stronger together. 

Our Vision

What is it
all about?

The Mission:


The mission of The Apology Tour is to restore the union between the local church and the local community. The mission is threefold: CPR

  • Connection - Reintroduce the church to the community.

  • Partnership – Churches working in partnership with schools, parks & recreation, politicians, law agencies, and community & faith-based organizations.

  • Relationship - Heal strained communal relationships.

The Vision:
The Apology Tour is a passion project that has been a vision of Pastor Shep Crawford, of The Experience Christian Ministries church,
for over two years.  So much is needed for the community and the church to thrive. Upon seeing the need for healing between the church and the community, Pastor Shep accepted the call to create a vehicle to drive the vision forward. The union between the two entities (the church and the community) is in crisis, especially following the global pandemic. So much is needed for the community and the church to thrive. The interconnectedness between the two entities is so vital to the sustainability of both that we must restore the relationship.

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Upcoming events

Press Conference Microphones

May 27th, 2023

The Apology Tour Kick-Off

Packing Food in Boxes

May 28th, 2023

The Apology Tour Church Walk Out

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June 2023 - May 2024

The Apology Tour Engagement 

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