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The Full Story

What we will do


Press Conference Microphones

The kick off

May 27th, 2023

The Press Conference: All participating faith leaders, residents, stakeholders, local elects, etc., will be in attendance. All media outlets are welcome to attend and report the launch and its proposed impact. Marketing and press releases will go out to the public and press. A copy of the apology letter will be publicly distributed to post at each church or respective location.

The walkout

May 28th, 2023
12:00pm (PST)

Each participating ministry will walk out of the building and into the community for 1-4 hours, offering varying services or giveaways reflective of that community's need assessment and priorities. 


If the church building and/or worship space is near a park, we encourage participating ministries to use the park as a location for engagement. Other congregations may use their parking lots or the nearest vacant available space. For convenience, an information sheet will be provided to include the ministry’s name, route(s), and location of the community engagement assembly. 


The united effort symbolizes The Day of Pentecost. This spirit-filled movement started in a building and eventually made its way to the streets, changing the community through the Spirit of God's love.  

Packing Food in Boxes
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Engagement & sustainability

June 2023- May 2024

Pre-engagement training sessions will occur in the month of May to prepare clergy and FBOs for the initial engagement with the community. 

Post-monthly training will begin in June and last for one year. The training is intended for clergy and congregations and will be led by E.C.M. volunteers, LiveFreeCA personnel, community stakeholders, and engaged faith leaders. The training sessions aim to help accomplish the following:


●    Othering and Belonging

●    Seeker-Sensitivity 

●    Community Development  Cooperation 


In addition, Live Free CA will serve as resourceful and informative support to all participating clergy members. LFC will teach, train, and share sustainable methods in which the church can stay engaged with its community.

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